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The Synergy Project

01 May 2011

Is this a vision of the future? Unveiled Friday, April 30, at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium, the double-box tailed Synergy aircraft is being hailed as “a potential breakthrough in aircraft design.”

John McGinnis (EAA 797858) of Kalispell, Montana, has been quietly hashing out the aerodynamic theory behind this project on EAA’s forums, and it is very interesting reading for those so inclined.

From the EAA News article:

The “Synergy” name derives from the idea that the aircraft synergizes six proven aeronautical principles into a single, extremely efficient package. Synergy’s signature shape … creates extremely low induced drag - described by McGinnis as the “glider-like efficiency of a 46-foot wingspan packed into a much stronger 32-foot package.”

The best part about the whole project is that it’s being undertaken by a small group of dedicated folks, working out of a small garage/shop in northern Montana. True innovation always seems to come from the fringe, if you ask me.

Synergy Aircraft Concept Synergy Aircraft Concept

So is this just wishful thinking, or the next big breakthrough in aeronautics?

You can read more about the Synergy unveiling on EAA News, and for background on the project check out the CAFE Foundation’s article entitled “Six Steps to Synergy.”

Update (5/6/11): The Synergy Aircraft website has just gone live -- check it out!

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