Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Spinner and Baffling

26 Jan 2015

After the main engine components were installed, Dad got started on the baffling kit, while I began work on fabricating the spinner backplate.

Hand-Filing the Spinner Backplate Hand-Filing the Spinner Backplate

Trimming the Baffling Trimming the Baffling

Iterating the Baffling Kit Iterating the Baffling Kit

Oil Cooler and Ignition Holes Oil Cooler and Ignition Holes

Dad on the Drill Press Dad on the Drill Press

Tech Counselor Inspection Tech Counselor Inspection

Scotch-Briting the Cutout Scotch-Briting the Cutout

Riveting the Spinner Plate Riveting the Spinner Plate

Spinner Plate Test Fit Spinner Plate Test Fit

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