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Vetterman Exhaust

26 Dec 2014

After the holidays, Dad and I began installing the Vetterman exhaust kit that came with our firewall forward kit.

Installing the Exhaust Installing the Exhaust

When we removed the plastic cover plates from the exhaust ports, once again we noticed only a trace of preservative oil spilled from the engine. We may ask our tech counselor what options we have in terms of preservation, or whether we need to do anything at all with a new engine. In the meantime, I installed some dessiccant plugs in the upper spark plug holes, and we’ll keep an eye on those for signs of moisture.

It's Hard to Get the Washers in There It’s Hard to Get the Washers in There

It was tricky to reach several of the exhaust bolts to thread the washer and nuts on, but we eventually managed.

Tightening the Nuts Tightening the Nuts

Lastly, we torqued everything to spec, with only some minor difficulty reaching one of the nuts, which we solved with a couple of stacked wrench extensions.

More on the exhaust hanger system later.

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