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Oshkosh 2014

05 Aug 2014

Dad and I spent almost the full week at Oshkosh this year, and it was a big one.

Dad and His Industrial-Strength Bug ShelterDad and His Industrial-Strength Bug Shelter

Always one of the highlights of the show is Dad’s favorite Industrial-Strength Bug Shelter, which only seems to get used on this one occasion – for obvious reasons.

Industrial-Strength Bug Shelter in a Light BreezeIndustrial-Strength Bug Shelter (in a Light Breeze)

Weather was mostly good at OSH this year, but occasionally the wind would pick up for a bit in the afternoons.

Industrial-Strength Bug Shelter (in a -TSRA)Industrial-Strength Bug Shelter (in a -TSRA)

And any time a brief rain shower rolled through, the Bug Shelter defiantly mocked the wind like the Rock of Gibralter.

We Had a FlamingoWe Had a Flamingo

The big mission this year was to finally order an engine and propeller, so we spent lots of time talking with Van’s, Lycoming and Hartzell reps.

Sunrise Over OshkoshSunrise Over Oshkosh

As usual, there were lots of gorgeous Van’s Aircraft RVs parked in HBC and HBP, and we considered it our solemn duty to inspect nearly every one. If our project doesn’t win any awards, it certainly won’t be for lack of research.

Yep, There Were DonutsYep, There Were Donuts

While I think most show attendees praised the EAA last year for the wider variety of food that was offered on the grounds, one of the biggest gripes was the absence of the Famous Oshkosh Donuts. Well, that oversight was clearly fixed this year. Thank you, Mr. Pelton, you have heard us.

Skye RacerSkye Racer

And finally, there were an abundance of cool warbirds and racers again this year.

Heinemann's Hot Rod (A-4 Skyhawk)Heinemann’s Hot Rod (A-4 Skyhawk)

C-17 GlobemasterC-17 Globemaster

F4U Corsair: "Whistling Death"F4U Corsair: “Whistling Death”

Long Live the HomebuiltsLong Live the Homebuilts

RV-8SP FastbackRV-8F Fastback

RV-8SP FastbackRV-8F Fastback

RV-8F Showplanes CanopyRV-8F Showplanes Canopy

Glasair Sportsman on PhattiesGlasair Sportsman on Phatties

L-39 User InterfaceL-39 User Interface

Always Nice to Have a PlaymateAlways Nice to Have a Playmate

All in all it was a great show – I just wish it lasted all year. Oh well, back to building…

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