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Independence Municipal Airport

22 Jul 2014

Earlier this month, I moved back to my home state of Iowa. In my search for somewhere to do a little tailwheel flying, I discovered Walter Aviation at Independence Municipal Airport (KIIB). Dad and I decided to head up there one fine evening to attend their weekly cookout.

Nope not a Decathlon, a 7GCAA Citabria! Nope not a Decathlon, a 7GCAA Citabria!

The burgers were hot off the grill, the soda was cool, and the folks were Iowa nice. And they had a shiny red Decathlon – wait, no – it’s a Citabria that looks a heck of a lot like a Decathlon. Either way, it’s fun to fly (as I would discover at a later date.)

Big Ramp, Nice Hangars Big Ramp, Nice Hangars

We chatted a bit with the FBO’s owner, Jon Walter, and checked out the planes on the ramp. I forgot how nice it is to just stroll leisurely on a GA ramp, with no ID badge, no escort, and no TSA!

Oooh! An Air Tractor! Oooh! An Air Tractor!

Jon even took the time to show us inside one of the immaculate T-hangars, and we put our names on the waiting list.

Whew, they're Homebuilt-Friendly Whew, they’re Homebuilt-Friendly

All in all, a fun and informative summer evening. We’ll be back to KIIB!

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