Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Empennage Fairing

15 Apr 2014

Since the Van’s fairing was made for the standard kit, it didn’t fit with the Show Planes fastback. So we cut it in half, cut off the parts that didn’t fit, sliced into the forward curves to conform to the fastback and taped the two sides in place.

Mounting the Vertical Stab Mounting the Vertical Stab

Fitting to the Turtledeck Fitting to the Turtledeck

We then filled in the holes with clay and shaped the HS forward curve with some plastic hose. The result was the mold.

Packing Tape as Mold Release Packing Tape as Mold Release

We covered the whole thing with packing tape so the epoxy would release and covered it with three layers of S glass and West epoxy.

Dad Applies the Sam James Technique Dad Applies the Sam James Technique

Wet Layup Wet Layup

When dry, it popped right off. After trimming and sanding, we will add epoxy filler to the low spots and keep sanding until it is smooth enough to prime.

Initial Trimming Initial Trimming

More Trimming More Trimming

Test Fit Test Fit

Snug as a Bug Snug as a Bug

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