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HS Service Bulletin

20 Feb 2014

After considering alternatives, Dad and I decided to comply with Van’s recent Service Bulletin 14-01-31 relating to cracks in the forward spar of the horizontal stabilizer of Van’s models RV-6/6A, 7/7A and 8/8A, whether flying or under construction.

Ribs Removed Ribs Removed

The fix involves disassembling the inside ribs and front spar reinforcements, making a few simple modifications, and adding two doubler plates to the aft web of the HS forward spar.

Test Fit of Spar Doublers Test Fit of Spar Doublers

In the photo above, we clecoed the vertical stab in its proper place (we’ve already had it mated and drilled to the fuselage) to verify clearance from the new HS-00003 spar doubler plates. Fit was good with no modification required, but nice to check.

Drilling the Spar Doublers Drilling the Spar Doublers

Doublers Drilled Doublers Drilled

Brian Riveting the Doublers Brian Riveting the Doublers

Yep, Lots of Rivets Yep, Lots of Rivets

SB Compliance Complete SB Compliance Complete

Front Spar Shop Heads Front Spar Shop Heads

Not the most fun project out there, and lots of potential to do more harm than good while drilling out all those AD4 rivets, but nice to have it out of the way. This will need to be one area we inspect periodically once we’re flying. If and when Van’s redesigns the -8 horizontal stab, we might consider building a new one.

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