Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Gear Tower Flag Nuts

26 Jul 2013

Because we were having so much trouble reaching inside the gear towers to get a wrench on the gear attach nuts, and because we knew we’d need to periodically check and re-torque these bolts, Dad fabricated some makeshift “flag nuts” to fit inside the towers.

Gear Tower Flag Nuts Gear Tower Flag Nuts

We bought some cheap open- and box-end wrenches at the local hardware store, then simply chopped off the wrench handle so they’d fit in the small space provided, but with just enough of a “flag” protruding so that the bolt could be tightened and torqued from the outside of the aircraft, without ever having to put a wrench inside the gear towers. We added some JB Weld to the nut to ensure that the wrench ends wouldn’t fall off. We’ll see how they fare in actual operation.

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