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Rudder Pedal Extensions

03 Mar 2013

The stock rudder pedals on the RV-8 have an inherent problem with their design geometry, making it difficult for the pilot to apply rudder inputs without also applying brake as well. We decided to add extensions to our pedals, similar to the design popularized by Randy Lervold back in 2004.

Rudder Pedal Extensions Rudder Pedal Extensions

We searched around the web quite a bit, and found lots of photos from various builders who had adopted this concept, but nobody seemed to mention much in the way of specs or measurements, so I thought I’d mock up a design in AutoCAD and publish it here for others to use and modify as they see fit.

Pedal Extension Concept Pedal Extension Concept

This design is slightly wider than Randy’s (the full width of the pedal), and is intended to visually mirror the angles and corner radii of the stock pedal. Ideally, it will look and feel as if it came from the factory.

You can download both the original AutoCAD file and a printable PDF cut-and-drill template from below. Be sure to print the PDF at 100% and check the printed dimensions with a ruler before using the template.

Cut and Drill Template Cut & Drill Template (PDF)

Download PDF and DWG files

The pedal extensions are cut from 0.125” aluminum stock, and are fastened with AN426 AD4-7 rivets. Below are a few photos of the fabrication process.

Edge Trimming Edge Trimming

40º Bend 40º Bend - Too Much?

Riveting Riveting

Side View Side View

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