Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Assembling the Gear Towers

31 May 2012

Dad and I primed and assembled the landing gear towers, and we tried a little experiment with Rust-Oleum textured paint for a two-tone look. (See below for the outcome.)

RV-8 Gear Towers RV-8 Gear Towers

Squeezing Rivets Squeezing Rivets

Tight Squeeze Tight Squeeze

Something Doesn't Look Right Something Doesn’t Look Right

That's Better That’s Better

Bucking Inside the Tower Bucking Inside the Tower

Riveting the Mid-Cabin Brace Riveting the Mid-Cabin Brace

Self-Portrait for a Girl Self-Portrait for a Girl… -sigh-

Painting the Forward Cabin Floor Painting the Forward Cabin Floor

Painting the Gear Towers Painting the Gear Towers

Purple Haze Purple Haze

Yes, those are microscopic spray paint particulates in the air, made visible by the camera flash – hence the organic vapor respirators.

Looks Like a Submarine Looks Like a Submarine!

Two-Tone Revealed Two-Tone Revealed

Alas, while the two-tone Rustoleum paint scheme looked kinda cool, the dark textured gray on the towers did not hold up well to any further construction, and began flaking off almost immediately. Later, after the fuselage was mostly complete, we repainted the interior with Rust-Oleum’s “Dark Machine Gray,” (like the cabin floor in these pictures) which held up much better.

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