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Oshkosh 2011

10 Aug 2011

Dad and I spent the full week at Oshkosh again this year. Highlights included a presentation by General Chuck Yeager, and several events honoring Burt and Dick Rutan.

Brian and Dad at the Brown Arch Brian and Dad at the Brown Arch

Camp Scholler Boondocks Camp Scholler Boondocks

We spent much of our time in the forums, as usual, trying to learn as much as we could about RV-building before the week was out.

F-1 Rocket F-1 Rocket

Dad Inspects an RV-8 Dad Inspects an RV-8

Rockwell Collins HUD Sim Rockwell Collins HUD Sim

Dad got to fly the touchy HUD simulator at the Rockwell Collins booth, and we also played a heated round of cornhole, a game I’ll never be able to say, write or even think about without chuckling.

Playing for Keeps Playing for Keeps

Hot Stuff Tail Art Hot Stuff Tail Art

Hangar Cafe Hangar Cafe

We also finally made it up to Compass Hill, which makes for a nice little detour after a long day of fighting the crowds. Highly recommended.

Compass Hill Compass Hill

F-100 Cockpit F-100 Cockpit

Sloshkosh Sloshkosh

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Oshkosh without a little slosh.

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