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Wing Kit Progress

04 Jul 2011

Yes, dear readers, despite the recent lack of posts, there has been significant progress on our wing kit over the past several months. Thanks to Dad, who has been tirelessly slaving away in the shadows while I have been attending to my responsibilities at work and school, the wing kit has progressed from a collection of parts on the garage floor to a fully-prepped structure, nearly ready for final assembly.

Wing Stands Wing Stands

Back in March, I was able to get home for a while and assist with the closeout of both flaps and both ailerons, and they are now ready for installation. All of this was of course made possible by weeks of prep work by Dad, including trimming, Scotch-Brite-ing, assembling, drilling, deburring, prepping and priming – all the hard stuff. I just showed up and held the bucking bar.

Completed Flap Completed Flap

The wing stands are now complete and installed in the garage. Dad has also completed all of the prep on the main spars and ribs. The fuel tanks sit ready for final assembly. It’s sure nice that Dad has kept the ball rolling while I’ve been unavailable.

Wing Spar Alignment Wing Spar Alignment

The end of July marks the big pilgrimage to Oshkosh, and I’m planning on being home for some fuel tank work and of course the Big Show. We already have every hour of the week scheduled in forums and seminars at OSH. When will we have time to eat?!?! Stay tuned for lots of pics and stories.

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