Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Preparing the Ailerons

08 Feb 2011

Dad spent the first few weeks of the new year preparing the aileron components for assembly.

Trailing Edge Dowel Trailing Edge Dowel

Testing with the Straightedge Testing with the Straightedge

Skins Bent Skins Bent

Parts Primed Parts Primed

Aileron Spar Riveting Aileron Spar Riveting

Aileron Nose Rib Aileron Nose Rib

Aileron Clecoed Aileron Clecoed

Punching the Counterweight Punching the Counterweight

Countersinking Countersinking

Aileron Ribs Aileron Ribs

Aileron Parts Primed Aileron Parts Primed
Aileron Skins Ready to Rivet Aileron Skins Ready to Rivet
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