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Wing Kit Arrives!

29 Oct 2010

The wing kit arrived today! After nearly three months of lead time, the ABF freight truck showed up in Dad’s driveway, and we got to work unloading the two big wooden crates.

ABF Freight Arrives ABF Freight Arrives

We specified a truck with a lift gate in the back, which helped get the 200-pound crates down from the trailer. The driver was very courteous and helped us get everything down safely.

Wing Kit Crating Wing Kit Crating

After unloading, we inspected the crates for damage, signed the form and paid the COD shipping charge.

Wing Parts Wing Parts

Van’s does an excellent job of packing things neatly, tightly, and with plenty of padding. We spent the next several hours unloading and unwrapping everything, then laying it on the garage floor.

Wing Inventory Wing Inventory

Salvaging the Wing Crates Salvaging the Wing Crates

After unpacking, we sat down for an hour or two and took inventory of the wing kit, then broke out the circular saw and salvaged the wing crates to use for building a wing stand.

Brian, Dad and Savannah Brian, Dad and Savannah

Now we just need to put the finishing touches on the empennage, and we’ll be ready to start on the wings (after we figure out where we’re going to build them!)

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