Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Finishing the Rudder

24 Jul 2010

Before our big pilgrimage to Oshkosh, Dad and I polished off the last of the rudder.

OSHA Approved Priming Booth OSHA-Approved Priming Booth

Rudder Spar Rivets Rudder Spar Rivets

Tight Squeeze Tight Squeeze

R-710 R-710

RTV Sealant RTV Sealant

Ready to Rivet Ready to Rivet

iveting the Skin Riveting the Skin

Straightedge Test Straightedge Test

Squeezing Around the R-710 Squeezing Around the R-710

Rolling the Leading Edge Rolling the Leading Edge

Measuring for Clearance Measuring for Clearance

Pop Riveting the Leading Edge Pop Riveting the Leading Edge

Rudder Complete Rudder Complete!

Rudder and Vertical Stab Rudder and Vertical Stab
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