Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

Riveting the HS Spars

04 Jan 2010

Oops! We forgot to dimple the HS-801 skins before priming the insides. Not a huge problem, as the SEM primer turned out to be very resilient and nearly unfazed by the dimpling process.

Skin Dimpling Skin Dimpling

The squeezer yoke bench mount and Cleaveland Main Squeeze made setting the -4 rivets a breeze – or, at least, as breezy as manual squeezing can get.

Squeezing Rivets Squeezing Rivets

Van’s rivet callouts for this section are just a hair too short, but the instructions are adamant that you stick with what’s called for, so we ended up with shop heads that were just a bit too small, but adequate.

Rivet Gauge Rivet Gauge

We had trouble getting the squeezer yoke over the HS-814 angle, so we ended up breaking out the gun and bucking bar. Yep, we had to drill out a couple of rivets as a result.

Shooting and Bucking Shooting and Bucking

Forward Spar Forward Spar

Things look pretty scratched up, but close enough for government work. (I hope!)

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