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Deburring and Dimpling

02 Jan 2010

Today we finished layout and drilling of the right stab, and then we moved into the tedious but necessary job of deburring and dimpling.

Swivel Deburring Tool Swivel Deburring Tool

The Avery and Brown swivel deburring tools worked great for everything, skins included, and the extensions enabled us to access the inside flange of all the ribs and spars.

The real heroes of the day, however, were the Brown Tool C-Rex squeezer yoke and bench mounting bracket, which we used with the fabulous Cleaveland Main Squeeze hand squeezer.

Bench-Mounted Squeezer Bench-Mounted Squeezer

Having the squeezer mounted solidly to the bench made short work of the dimpling process, and with one person handling the part and one person operating the squeezer, I doubt a pneumatic unit could have done the job faster. Good stuff.

Tomorrow, final edge finishing and Scotch-Brite surface prep, then – gulp – priming!!

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