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Empennage Construction DVDs

07 Apr 2009

GeoBeck Empennage Construction GeoBeck Empennage Construction

I recently purchased George and Becki Orndorff’s excellent RV pre-punched empennage construction DVD set from Van’s website (also available from GeoBeck Inc.), to get a better idea of what was involved in the first stages of the build.

This two-disc set covers in detail the step-by-step process for building a pre-punched empennage, from drilling and deburring to final assembly.

Two-Disc Set Two-Disc Set

Orndorff’s video series is a real confidence-builder for the first-timer, since he essentially holds your hand through the entire process, offering several tips and tricks at each step which are not mentioned in Van’s preview plans.

All-in-all, I felt this to be a worthwhile investment for the new builder, and I will probably find myself picking up the rest of the series later on down the road.

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