Building, testing and operating an experimental aircraft

First Flight in your Homebuilt

27 Dec 2008

“A well thought-out test plan is a necessity for any first flight.” That is the admonition of former Space Shuttle Commander Robert “Hoot” Gibson in this informative 24-minute video from the Experimental Aircraft Association.

The probability of an accident occurring in a homebuilt aircraft is higher during its initial flight test phase. This is especially true if the builder-pilot has limited experience in the type of aircraft being flown. Often homebuilders put so much emphasis on completing the project that they forget to hone their flying skills during the construction period.

FAA Advisory Circular 90-89A, the Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook, is a 99-page document detailing the necessary preparation for and execution of a flight test program for your homebuilt aircraft.

The EAA provides assistance to builders and pilots embarking on this exciting and rewarding quest. Learn more at EAA.org.

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