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Info Pack and DVD Arrive

26 Aug 2008

Boy oh boy! I’ve been waiting three weeks for this stuff! Apparently Van’s had some kind of glitch with my order and it never got put into the system.

Info Pack and DVD Van’s Info Pack and DVD

On top of this, they sent an email which supposedly notified me of this fact to the wrong address. Hmm. I’m sure I entered the correct email address on my order form, because I received an automated order confirmation.

Van’s website is excellent and detailed, but the look is a bit dated, and their online ordering process definitely needs to be modernized. There are too many free, secure, and highly-polished e-commerce solutions out there nowadays to suffer through rolling your own. Just one man’s opinion.

You can order your own free Information Pack and DVD from Van’s, or if you’re like me and simply can’t wait to learn more, you can download “The RV Story” video from Van’s downloads page.

But be careful – you might end up wanting to build an RV!

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